There’s good reason why big data seems to have the buzz that it does these days.

In recent past, apps and software used to “ask” users what they wanted through setup\login screens before the user even knew if the software was even valuable to them. They would build a broad profile based on responses they gave and hold on to them throughout the lifecycle of the app. Perhaps you know some advertisements get the most overall clicks or interactions but not sure why.

Big Data is amazing because it doesn’t ask, it answers your questions based on behavioral data it collects.

Why you need it.

Technology has escalated and become less and less expensive leading us to be able to collect massive amounts of information to deliver a unique experience for each user.

Times have changed. In order to deliver an experience that’s rich and fulfilling, you must customize your apps in such a way that the experience is uniquely theirs. Viewing someone else’s Facebook timeline or Netflix account is a perfect example of this. Its familiar and strange at the same time.

All the interactivity is the same, but the content varies greatly and makes it seem alien when its behavioral model isn’t geared towards you.

We can Help

Rather than ask questions to a user or paint a broad picture of what a user wants, we can use technologies like AWS, Azure and SQL to build a profile and tailor an experience uniquely to the user.

Collecting data, data analytics and hygiene all work together to build a big data profile, so the app experience is uniquely theirs. The success of an app, software or an advertisement needs to be unique to a user and big data drives the ability to deliver that.

Evertising has been building big data strategies for years, delivering the right advertisements to the right people at the right time and making sure each user feels like their experience with our clients’ software is uniquely theirs.

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