Data hygiene is the collective processes conducted to ensure the cleanliness of data.

Data is considered clean if it is relatively error-free.

Dirty data can be caused by a number of factors including duplicate records, incomplete or outdated data, and the improper parsing of record fields from disparate systems.

Why you need it.

Poor data hygiene results in poor delivery, low reputation scores inside of Gmail, Yahoo etc., low open rates and a lack of ROI.

Poor data hygiene is easily identified by incoming mail server which deprioritize your mail stream and hurts overall delivery (even to good users).

We can Help

Our processes can easily “score” segments of data through a variety of factors and once cleaned and turn what could be a treasure mine of ROI.

With our suite of tools, knowledge and advice, we can institute policies that will mine your data for the best users and leave behind the ones that will reduce your deliver numbers.

We run all data, new and old, through our suite of tools and analytical software to determine where the troublesome spots are and strategize the best way to move forward with the most valuable sectors first and build from there.

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