At the beginning of this decade, it seemed every company’s business plan required a mobile app.

There seemed to be a perception that a mobile app would secure your future and became the buzz of corporate validity.

Years later, we have a much clearer understanding of how people interact with mobile apps. What their strengths are, how to keep people engaged and how it can add value.

Why you need it.

Perhaps you don’t.

The first thing we do is discuss what you hope to accomplish, is there a justification for the added cost of a mobile app? Technology has evolved to the point where the richness of web development rivals that of an in-app experience and for a fraction of the cost.

We can help with that decision by using our knowledge and expertise not just with the app development itself, but human behavior and habits.

We can Help

We have been writing apps in many forms since our inception in 2003.

The almost 2 decades of experience shines through because our focus has always been where it should be, and that’s on user experience. Weather it’s a mobile game or corporate use only, we have a wealth of experience working with all the technologies to create mobile based apps.

Our approach is to make our apps the best experience it can be for the user by starting there and just focusing on how to make it as easy to use and enjoyable as possible, then we choose the technologies to work with. A lot of other development companies start with the technologies they work with and build the app from the top down to the user. We take the opposite approach and start with the user and build up from there.

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