Different areas of business collect different segments of data.

There are many ways to collect data, through advertising, SEO, Sales and more.

Where does that data go? What does it tell you about your customers? Your business? Your future? It can tell you a great many things.

Why you need it.

If your data can tell you so much, it needs to be handled properly.

In many cases data is collected and sits in many disjointed systems, comprised of many databases as it sits and ages out, never generating it potential ROI.

Your data needs to be tested, sampled and analyzed by a workflow that provides answers about your business and placed into “service” where it generates you the maximum amount of revenue.

We can Help

Evertising is a group of master workflow designers.

Coders, scripters, database admins and email delivery experts that can design and build a “track” for your data to flow on. As it passes through each specially designed areas, its simultaneously making you money, providing you with answers and guiding your future.

Each company is uniquely different and no single software solution works the same magic as a custom solution built by the craftsmen at Evertising.

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