Running a successful email list management program requires quite a few skills, campaign management, data hygiene, data analytics to name a few.

Your data can be a great source of steady revenue if these skills can be mastered and were here to help!

Another option is for us to do it for you, having a skilled team with over 16 years in the business can really produce a great bottom line of added revenue each month with no cost to you. Our payment is based solely on our performance with a commission-based structure.

Why you need it.

Mastering the skills needed to keep your data generating maximum revenue can be frustrating.

Many companies are sitting on a gold mine of contacts but either don’t know how to manage the relationships properly, or think their data does poorly because the campaigns are mismanaged. Having us manage your email lists answers those questions and allows you to take a step back and concentrate on what you do best, running your business.

Our commission-based payment structure simply allows us to deal with all the technical and marketing based hassle and deliver only revenue based on the performance of your email lists.

We can Help

We can analyze your data, determine the responsiveness, split it into interest segments and use our own in house software to deliver the right campaigns to the right users.

We get results and deliver those results in the form of revenue without you having to deal with any of these frustrating details.

Sure the landscape of online marketing has its ebbs and flows when it comes to performance, but having us do all the heavy lifting takes the pain out of wondering what is the best strategy right now.

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