Our CEO spent the first half of his career working at places like Citibank, Chase, IBM and others, coding, building and releasing software that would change the face of their respective businesses.

When approaching a task, many “off the shelf” software does about 80% of the work but requires either maintenance or human interaction to complete the process or make it work with other systems.

Why you need it.

Many “off the shelf” software systems cater to a very broad audience because they want mass appeal, so it maximizes their potential customer.

However, this causes problems, it usually doesn’t achieve your exact goals, which causes friction working inside a workflow requiring frequent human intervention.

To maximize appeal, these apps typically have many features which seems great, however, users find themselves fumbling through these unneeded features which get in their way, causing confusion and requiring other systems to alter their behavior.

We can Help

Pre-built software can have tons of value, but the approach to it, requires companies to figure out how to work with it.

Instead of it working for you, you wind up working for IT. One thing we concentrate on with custom software is that first we find out how YOU work, then create software and apps that fit seamlessly into your workflow. At conferences, our CEO frequently alludes to the fact that in the early days of computing, it was expected that most users knew how to code.

This created an environment that the computer works for you, but as it evolved, it seems like were the ones working for our technology. Our goal is to find out where there are inefficacies or a lack of clarity and create software that works for you.

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